English Literature A level Field Trip at LSI Sixth Form College

 As part of our A level studies at LSI Sixth Form college, college tutors often arrange field trips. These trips are not only fun for the students but help to extend their studies. Our English Literature A level students are studying the 19th century author Jane Austen so it was a great opportunity to visit her house in Hampshire.

 Chawton House belonged to Jane’s brother Edward and he offered a nearby bailiff’s house to his sister and mother.  It was in the bailiff’s house, now the Jane Austen Museum, where  Jane wrote her most famous novels. Our field trip therefore included a visit to both these houses associated with Jane.  The students started with a tour of Chawton House. A walk around the house is like stepping back into the early 1800s, the rooms furnished in Georgian style. Afterwards the students visited the museum.  There was even time to take a  traditional English tea in the local tea shop. During the trip the students were able to try on some 19th century outfits, make lavender bags and write with a quill. 

On the A-Level course, they are studying Jane Austen’s ‘Sense and Sensibility’ . We feel the visit provided valuable context for their coming exams.

English Literature A level students outside Chawton House