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Combine Language Studies with Themed Activities at LSI

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Our experiences programmes combine language tuition with an exciting range of themed activities. For 2016, LSI will be offering 18 different options ranging from the thrills of Extreme Sports in Auckland, to more leisurely pursuits such as wine tasting in Berkeley and sampling the local delights on our Food & Drink option in London.

For sport enthusiasts we offer Golf , Tennis, Ice Hockey, Football,, Dance and Sufing.Perhaps you’d prefer to indulge your interests in Cooking, Art, History & Culture or just get to know your host city better with our Urban Hiking Course.Our Hares and Hounds ‘Trail Finding’ option is a great way to explore Zurich whilst solving challenging clues as part of a team. Interested in learning a new skill that could lead to a job? Why not try our Barista Training course offered in Auckland and Brisbane.

Below are all the options available and the locations which offer them.