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Travel tips New York: Williamsburg – America’s Hippest Neighborhood

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Williamsburg is the epicenter of Brooklyn and the most happening neighborhood in New York City. Once largely industrial with modest housing for immigrants, it is now a mix of renovated luxury loft buildings, art galleries, shops and eateries, all geared toward the artistic, music-loving stylish hipsters that now populate the local streets.

Brooklyn Bowl
An unusual venue: half bowling alley and half concert venue. Bowl, have dinner and see a concert all at the same time. Food is prepared by one of Brooklyn’s leading names in restaurants. Concerts are sometimes sold out, so buy tickets in advance.
Shop Vintage
If you love vintage clothing and shoes, Williamsburg has a lot to offer in different price ranges. Don’t miss the huge and popular Beacon’s Closet. For designer labels visit Fille de Joie, Malins and Amarcord, among others!
Mast Brothers Chocolate
Owned by two brothers, this award winning chocolate shop features a storefront and factory where the chocolate is made. Various flavors are wrapped in their own individually handmade paper designed by family and friends. You can also take a tour of the factory!
Black and White Gallery
An art and project space that features the work of emerging artists and those advanced in their careers. They have another space in Chelsea, but this location is specifically designed for installations. The typical style is aggressive and avant-garde. Free of charge!
Eat at Diner
Have lunch or dinner inside a genuine 1950’s railcar. The food is a healthy and delicious version of neo-Americana, and the intimate, retro ambiance is unique!

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How To Teach an Old Dog New Tricks – Language Learning Tips for the Older student

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Mature student Donato, who is currently studying English at LSI Brighton,  put together some amusing language learning tips for the LSI Brighton student publication ‘LSI Living’…

Are you in your thirties/forties/fifties/sixties? Does your English go slightly beyond “Nice to”meet you” and “How are you?” Do your children use English like a secret language, so that you are never aware of what they are getting up to? Trust me, it is never too late! Here is some good advice to improve your English based on my own experience:

  1. Attend an LSI Brighton course. Yes, your classmates will be teenagers looking at you as if you are a strange insect who’s fallen in their soup . One of them could, even tell you: “You know, my mother is much younger than you!” (true story]. The right reaction to that? Stop crying and go on studying!
  2. Watch English movies in the original language. It is going to be a weird experience, I know, but when you get Maggie Smith’s lines in “Downton Abbey”, oh, guys, you will be so excited!
  3. Try to read English books. Don’t start with the greatest masterpiece in UK literature: you will never get through it. Start with comic strips, instead, and then go on to something else . If you have a hobby,
    choose a publication dedicated to it: reading will be easier and pleasant.
  4. Study A LOT and do your homework. You have lost a good part of your neurons, ( sorry about that), and learning is not as easy as when you were in your 20S. BUT, you are older and more mature (I mean, you should be … ) so that when your classmates are leaving for a party on the beach, tell them “Enjoy the party!”, take your worksheets and review the lesson. (It sounds a little bit sad, right? Yeah, I agree with you).
  5. Driving your car to work, wear your earphones and start a conversation with your invisible teacher. Be careful, he/she is very strict !
  6. There are so many chat and discussion forums. Sign up and let’s start to write to someone in the UK. OK, your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend probably wouldn’t be happy at all to know about that. But in a couple there are some secrets that have to be kept!