LSI Berkeley gets a new school director

As LSI London Hampstead says a fond farewell to our wonderful ‘yankee’ director Greg Wickline, the doors are thrown open to a warm welcome at LSI Berkeley as Greg steps into the director’s shoes there in March. Greg has been with LSI since 2003 starting off as a teacher working in both our London schools.


Greg says farewell to friends at Hampstead


Greg with the team in LSI Berkeley

“My first ever class at LSI was teaching advanced English to a group of language teachers. It was a tough start so I was amazed when LSI asked me back!”So impressed was the school director that Greg was promoted to assistant school director in 2006 and finally took over the helm at Hampstead in January 2010. “I have loved my time at Hampstead and have met some wonderful people. I’m going to miss all my colleagues at Hampstead a lot but I am happy to be moving back to the US where I’ll be closer to my family.”What will Greg miss most about the UK (apart from all his many friends)? “Cricket and Arsenal football club!” It seems some English cultural pursuits will always have a place in his heart.

Now a new chapter is just beginning for Greg in Berkeley. “I am loving being here already. The staff here are so friendly and welcoming and are really helping me to settle into the job. It’s great to be able to walk around in T-shirts and soak up the sun – there wasn’t much opportunity to do that in the UK!”

From everyone at LSI London Hampstead we wish you well at LSI Berkeley. We miss you!