Yankee Swap and Festive Fun in Boston

The annual LSI Boston Holiday party was lots of fun! Students and staff participated in the festivities, which included pizza and other treats, music, and a gift exchange. Many students shared conversation about holiday traditions in their home countries. It is always a special experience to see students teaching each other about their own cultures as well as learning about American culture.

For the gift exchange, students played a game called a “Yankee Swap.” The rules are that each person should bring a small gift, no more than $10, which can be either serious or silly. All wrapped gifts are put on the center table for all to see, then everyone chooses a number from a hat. The order of the numbers is the order in which students choose a gift from the table. One by one, students choose a gift from the table and unwrap it so that everyone can see what the gift is.

The fun part of the game is the option to “steal” someone else’s gift. If a person unwraps a gift from the table, they can decide to keep the gift if they like it, or they can decide to steal another gift that someone else already unwrapped. Some of the gifts included chocolate, jewelry, stuffed animals, ornaments, books, mugs, games, and Boston souvenirs. It is a lot of fun and there are lots of laughs at the good-hearted stealing. We look forward to next year’s holiday party!

boston party With Presents LSI Boston students stealing presents during the Yankee Swap