Announcing the LSI December Photo Competition Winner

Throughout November and the beginning of December 2013 LSI ran a photo competition asking our students to take unusual photographs of  locations where they were studying and then send them into us. All photo entries had to be of  well-known local landmarks, buildings or monuments and taken in such a way that the location was not so easy to identify. We had some amazing entries – from some very atmospheric, almost spooky images to those that were ingenious and extremely imaginative. The winning photo however was selected due to the sense of humour portrayed in the image.

Trafalgar Square

For those of you familiar with Trafalgar Square, the most famous of the London Squares, you will know that flocks of pigeons are a huge problem and are often attracted by the many visitors feeding them. Our winning photograph has managed to capture one of the signs asking visitors not to feed the pigeons alongside the new installation on the fourth statue plinth in the square , a plinth which regularly displays new works from artists.

The photographer Pedro Ramos Parra from Spain said, ” It was funny to see the statue of a large hen next to the sign saying not to feed the birds. It is ironic. I had to make a photo.” When Pedro was told he’d won the competition and thus a week’s free tuition at an LSI school he was thrilled. ” I have never won anything before. This is the first time and it is such a great prize! I have been studying in LSI London Hampstead from October to December but next year I would like to take my free week’s tuition in LSI New York as I am planning to travel there.”

PedroBXmasTree PedroByLSI