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LSI Auckland Students Witness Solar Eclipse

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Students at LSI Auckland were treated last month to one of nature’s most spectacular shows – a rare eclipse of the sun. From Auckland, there was 87% coverage of the sun by the moon; from Cairns it was 100% coverage. Some of our students took their own photos of this phenomenon – there won’t be another one for 18 years, so it was a very special experience for everyone who saw it!

Winter Fun at LSI London Central

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

On November 16th, a group of London Central students went to Somerset House
with their teacher, Jacqui, to go skating on the ice rink that appears there
at this time of year!  Somerset House is one of the most beautiful rinks in
London and a perfect place to enjoy the winter season.

It was a chance for the students to say thanks and goodbye to Jacqui who was
about to go on maternity leave. For obvious reasons, she did not join them
on the rink on this occasion!

We would recommend it to everyone else however – it’s a fun activity to do
in a beautiful location. One of the students, Shinji, said that “It was an
amazing experience, it was the most beautiful rink I have ever seen.”
Another student, Linda, said, “We had a very good time with our classmates
and teacher.”

LSI London Central is a language school located in the very centre of the
British capital.  We offer courses in General and Executive English for clients from all over the world.  London is a perfect place to spend your winter holidays, with a temperate climate, world-class shopping and some fantastic outdoor activities, it is a great choice for a study break.

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