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A Conversation between LSI New York intern Yumi Handa and Two Happy Students

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Yumi Handa, an intern at LSI New York, recorded her conversation with two students Leidy Martinez Bocanegra and Michael Bianchi,  who will be leaving LSI NY this month. Yumi interviewed them about their life  at the school.

Yumi:  How long have you been here?

Leidy: I’ve been here six and a half months.

Michael: Almost six months.

Yumi:  Why did you choose LSI NY?

Michael: I compared a lot of language schools and I thought this was the best in quality and price.

Leidy: I don’t have a reason, exactly. Except my friend recommended this school. She said that this is a very good school. She said, “This school is a bit expensive, but you’re going to learn something here… its class size is small…there aren’t too many students in one class.” She told me that this would be a good opportunity for me. So I chose this school.

Yumi:  What is it that you like about LSI NY?

Michael: Well… it’s very comfortable. I like the environment. You can learn English without feeling stressful.

Leidy: I’m very happy with this school. I improved my English very fast here. For that, I think this is a high-quality school. Also, I had a very good time. I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. Everybody is very friendly here…the teachers, students and office staff.

Michael: I agree with her!

Yumi:  What’s your best memory of LSI NY?

Leidy: I know what your best memory is, Michael. That’s when you were chosen “Student of the Month.” ( laugh)

Michael: No! That’s not true. ( laugh)

Leidy; I don’t know what the best memory is. For me, it’s very difficult to choose one because I had a lot of good experiences here…I don’t know which one is better than others…but probably, the pizza parties, if I have to choose.  ( laugh)

Michael :Hmm. What I remember most is maybe my first day here. I was a little bit worried because I didn’t know almost any English. And also every time I moved up to a new class. Actually, Leidy and I were in the same situation because we moved up to a new class on the same day.

Yumi:  Tell me about your classes.

Leidy: The morning class is very useful. Because I really learn something there. This is a serious class. You get to practice various skills and learn new grammar every week. The afternoon class is more fun. It involves more speaking and activities like games. Either way, I’m lucky because I had very good teachers. For example, Lucy, she was my teacher both in pre-intermediate class and in upper-intermediate class. I like her!

Michael: I take just morning classes. I’ve been in different teachers’ classes…Lucy, Samantha, Michael, and Lucy again. But I think each one of them is good in their own way.

Yumi:  What is your favorite places in NYC?

Leidy: Central Park!

Micheal: South Sea Port.

Leidy: Where is it? Have I been there?

Micheal: Yeah, when you went to get a gift for your friend.

Leidy: Yeah, it’s very nice. I like it there too.

Michael: I was surprised when I first found that place. Because it’s very unusual to find such an European place in NYC.

Yumi:  How would you like to use English for your future?

Leidy: For my future… My goal is to be an anesthesiologist. And for that, I’m going to have to read a lot of books in English. Also, I’m going to need to write articles about my profession and investigations in English.Also, you never know…because they speak English wherever you go around the world.

Michael: I’m an architect. So I’d like to make projects around the world. Although architectural plans are universal everywhere in the world, I need English to explain my ideas to my clients.


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Fancy combining your English studies with high adrenalin sport activities? Check out what LSI Auckland has to offer

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

LSI Auckland offer skydiving“If you are the kind of person who revels in high adrenalin rush activities, the new language course package at LSI Auckland might be just up your street. Spread out over just one week, morning English language classes are followed by a host of exciting activites; a hair raising bungy jump from Auckland’s own Harbour Bridge, a death defying sky dive from 9000 ft ( dive will involve being strapped to an experienced instructor!), a thrilling jet boat ride across Waitemata Harbour, a heart stopping base jump from New Zealand’s tallest building and finally topped off with a stomach churning flight on a stunt plane. Not a week for the feint hearted but certainly one that you would always remember, this package can booked at LSI Auckland for NZD 1, 455. The English course, adrenalin activities, registration fee and course materials fee are all included in this amazing package.Tempted? You can contact LSI Auckland for the full details.