LSI Brisbane promotes itself as the only TOEFL testing centre in Brisbane

LSI Brisbane is unique in being the only centre in Brisbane to be able to offer both the TOEFL preparation course and the TOEFL test all under one roof. Unlike other language centres in Brisbane, students will be able to study and sit the exam all in the same familiar environment. Great for those of you who get a little nervous when taking tests!

LSI Brisbane is offering the following test dates for the first half of the year: February 11, March 10, April 14, May 12, June 30. More exam dates will be published by the school later in the year.

TOEFL is offered as an elective with General English. At LSI Brisbane the electives are in the second morning session from 11.10am to 12.50pm from Monday to Friday, so all students whether Intensive 30, Intensive 24 or Standard 20 are able to join the class. Students need to have a minimum of Intermediate level in order to take this elective.The timetable gives examples of how the TOEFL elective (as well as TOEIC and Business English) are worked into the General English courses (Intensive 30, Intensive 24 and Standard 20). This timetable affords great flexibility for our LSI students to specialise a subject of their interest independant of the hours they study – something trully appreciated by all of our students!