LSI students and staff experience the magic of the 2011 Rugby World Cup first hand

Recently New Zealand was fortunate enough to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Both LSI students and staff were able to enjoy the  excitement and wonderful party atmosphere that surrounds such a global sporting event. Some were even fortunate enough to have actually watched the games first hand in the stadium.  LSI Auckland assistant registrar Christine went to several games and gives her impression of the games and atmosphere.

“I had the opportunity to attend two world cup rugby matches on the same weekend and had a fantastic time. England played Scotland at Eden Park in Auckland on the Saturday night and the atmosphere there was fantastic. Eden Park was packed and wow, what a world class venue. Although I haven’t been to any ‘football’ matches, apparently this was what it was like. The rivalry between the two sides including fans resounded around the park. The rugby wasn’t the best I have seen and England were very lucky to win as Scotland seemed to dominate throughout the game.”

“On the Sunday afternoon I travelled to Hamilton, 1.5 hours south of Auckland to see the Fiji vs Wales game. I think all of Hamilton must have been there. Again a great atmosphere and it made me very proud of my country that we could host so many tourists and rugby fans. Again the rugby was not outstanding but I don’t think anyone was too worried. There were people dressed up in support of both teams and the Mexican wave went around the stands many times. What a fantastic event to have had in New Zealand!”

To top this amazing experience the New Zealand team, known as the ‘All Blacks’,  actually won the cup in front of their home crowd. It was certainly a day that most Kiwis will never forget!