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LSI Zurich team up with Swiss radio station Energy Zurich to celebrate the recent British royal wedding

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

On the 29th May, billions of people around the world were glued to their screens to watch the pomp and pageantry of the wedding of  Prince William to Kate Middleton right in the historic heart of London. Many of the LSI London Hampstead and LSI London Central students were able to watch the events first hand by standing along the wedding route. It was a trully amazing experience, a day none of those who witnessed it will ever forget.

Not to miss out on the occasion, LSI Zurich teamed up with Energy Zurich, the leading radio station in Zurich, to celebrate in their own inimitable way. The  LSI Zurich staff devised a difficult ‘Royal wedding ‘ quiz which was aired online. All the contestants had to do was answer 15 tricky questions relating to the royal couple with the winner receiving the amazing prize of a a free all inclusive  two week language course at LSI London Central. For two weeks prior to the wedding, LSI were regulary  on air to advertise the quiz, creating so much interest that several thousand participated in the quiz and visited the LSI Zurich website.

Our lucky winner was Deny Ammann, who not only managed to answer all 15 questions correctly but did so in a super fast time.  As part of the prize Deny will receive a free flight to London, free accommodation with one of our excellent Host families and receive two weeks of intensive language tuition all right in the heart of London. Deny will soon be off to London. Who knows Deny might even get to see the royals in person but will definitely get the chance to improve his English at our LSI London Central school.

LSI Zurich celebrates the royal wedding

Recent Changes to the Tier 4 General Student Visa for students wanting to study in the UK

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

The UK Border Agency have recently announced the following changes for students wishing to study in the UK using the Tier 4 General Student Visas. These changes came into affect on April 21st 2011.

  • Only Grade A and Highly Trusted Sponsors (such as LSI )  will be allowed to issue CAS’s (confirmation of acceptance for studies) to students
  • School tests and skype interviews will no longer be accepted as proof of level. Students must have a valid exam certificate from the proscribed list, or have taken a Secure English Language Test (SELT) at a recognised exam centre. SELTs will also be made available at some consulates and embassies. The UKBA site have more information about the SELTS. Level requirement for Tier 4 visas will stay at Intermediate B1, ready to study at B2
  • Students on Tier 4 visas will no longer be allowed to work in the UK while studying at language schools.
  • All language schools will have a limited number of CAS’s available for students until April 2012. Therefore, LSI will issue only one CAS to each student.
  • A new Extended Student Visitor Visa has been introduced for Highly Trusted Sponsors. Language school students will now be able to apply for a Student Visitor Visa for up to 44 weeks at LSI.