Thanksgiving Celebrations at LSI Berkeley

LSI Thanksgiving party
LSI Thanksgiving party

In the USA, ‘Thanksgiving’ is an important national holiday where all the family get together and eat so much food they have to lie down! This is also generally accompanied by copious amounts of television and alcohol. Sounds like fun? Read on and see how we celebrated it at LSI Berkeley (San Francisco).

Thanksgiving is an excellent holiday and at LSI USA we share this with all of our students. This year at LSI San Francisco/Berkeley, for example, we had a school ‘pot luck’. A ‘pot luck’ is where you have a party and everybody brings some food that they have made.

All of our students were asked to join together in groups by nationality and prepare food that was typical of their country. As we have students from all over the world, we had quite a feast. There were dishes from Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, Peru, Turkey, Canada, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. There was a general consensus that the Saudi group made the best food, although they admitted that they had had some help from the local Middle Eastern restaurant.

Why not celebrate next years Thanksgiving with us at one of our language school in New York, Boston, San Diego or even Berkeley!