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Malta – ‘Unmissable’ Places to Visit

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Malta might be small in size  but it has an amazing variety of places to visit so deciding on a shortlist of five was difficult.

Here are the LSI top 5 ‘unmissable’ places to visit in Malta

June2014Valetta 1. Valetta. Packed into just one square mile, Malta’s capital city has been described by UNESCO as “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world”. Brimming with cultural influences and architectural styles from the many different settlers and traders to the island, Valetta is a harmonious melting pot. Definitely one for culture vultures.
June201Gozo 2. Gozo. With its slower pace of life, welcoming locals, open countryside, raw rugged coastlines, sleepy unconverted villages and traditional crafts, Gozo show a glimpse of what it’s larger sister Malta was like a few decades ago. A slice of old world charm.
June2014MaltaBlueLagoon 3. The Blue Lagoon. Situated on the sparsely inhabited island of Comino, the blue lagoon, renowned for it’s clear, turquoise coloured water, is the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling. Don’t forget to pack your own lunch though.
June2014Club 4. Paceville. The liveliest, hippest place to hang out in for those who love to party. St Julian’s nightlife district is second to none with its multitude of clubs, music venues, bars, restaurants and cafes. Learn what it really means to party hard!
June2014Hypogeum 5. The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.  A fascinating underground necropolis discovered as recently as 1902, this UNESCO World Heritage site is packed with tombs, paintings, statues and rock carvings. Worth visiting just for the  spooky Oracle Room where a woman’s voice will not echo, but a man’s will.


Interesting Trivia about Malta

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Despite its small size Malta packs a real punch in terms of it fascinating history and culture. We thought we’d give you a small taster of interesting facts about one of our favourite lesser known European countries.

Our top trivia …

June2014Mapof-Malta Malta actually consists of many islands but only three are inhabited: Gozo, Comino and Malta. Malta is considered to be one of the smallest countries in the world with the largest island ( Malta) measuring only 27km by 17km.
June2014MalteseFlag Malta was controlled by Great Britain from 1814 until 1964 when it gained its independence. English is still one of the main languages spoken alongside Maltese.
June2014Troy Malta is a famous haunt for film crews being the location for films such as Gladiator, Captain Philips and Troy and more recently the TV series Game of Thrones.
June2014Diving With its clear azure blue waters, Malta is a diver’s paradise frequently being listed as one of the best diving spots in the world. One of the most famous diving spots is the Blue Hole near Gozo.
June2014MalteseBoats In Malta, the boats have eyes. These quaint boats known as Luzzu, still in daily use by local fisherman, are decorated in bright colours with eyes painted on the prow to ward off bad luck at sea.


If you’d like to check out Malta in person and maybe study at our school there, contact us at LSI Malta