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Halloween mayhem at LSI San Diego

Friday, November 19th, 2010
LSI student dressed as a pirate - winner of best overall costume

Best costume

At LSI San Diego , Halloween is always celebrated in style and this year was no exception! It seemed noone could resist the temptation to dress up for the occasion. Our students turned into pirates and witches, teachers turned into mummies and hippies, and staff turned into penguins and clowns all accompanied by eating vast quantities of candy, carving pumpkins and learning all about this traditional, crazy holiday! Prizes were given out to the students wearing the sexiest outfit, the funniest and also the best overall costume!

‘Hat Day’ at LSI San Diego

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

At LSI, staff and students can get up to all sorts of weird and wonderful activities in class … and LSI San Diego is no exception! October 15th marked “Hat Day” with teachers, staff and students donning their best, most creative and funniest hats! There were hats of all varieties, from Rastafarian to witches.

After class, everyone met in the Student Lounge, where the student hats were judged for the best one. The winner was Petra Gerig from Switzerland – pictured here in her wonderful, homemade creation. She was the proud winner of a Burger King gift card and the title of “Best Hat”.

Who says studying at LSI isn’t fun!

A great course! The verdict of our Young Learner Courses from one student’s family

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

LSI has been successfully running Young Learner courses at our schools in London Hampstead, Toronto, Brighton and San Diego for two years and for 2010 we have also introduced a campus programme at Chichester. These courses are proving to be increasingly popular with record numbers booking the courses this summer. Below you can read some recent feedback that we have received from the family of one of our students on our London Hampstead Young Learners Course.

Laura Navadijos Peral wrote the following to school director Greg Wickline, ” I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the quality of the study programme your school has offered my nephew Jorge Calvo Navadijos. Jorge finished a two weeks young learners course on Saturday 24th of July and he has repeatedly told us how happy he has been with the classes. Jorge has greatly appreciated having more than one teacher every day with different styles and accents and he has found that the rhythm and the exercises were very fresh and different from the methodology he has always followed in his home country Spain.”

Laura continues, ” From my side, his uncle and his family in Spain we would like to thank you for making us feel he was in safe hands. We felt he was given the protection that was needed at his age and level of English and we sense he has not felt overprotected. Greg, from my first interaction with you a few months back I had the feeling we were choosing the right school and I am glad we were right. We will recommend your school wholeheartedly to our friends in England and Spain with children in similar ages and situations.”

We thank Laura for taking the time to give us feedback on our Young Learners Course and for the helpful suggestions she has made to improve the course even further. It’s great to know when we have happy students!

The value of LSI Multi-Center courses – a student’s view

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

At LSI we have always promoted our Multi-Center courses as a unique way to combine travelling the world with study and the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of different cultures. Don’t think that just because English is spoken in Australia, Canada, the USA , the UK and New Zealand that our students will have the same experiences wherever they study. Even the language itself can change depending on where you study!

Back in March, the LSI blog featured Japanese student Kayo Yamaguchi as she was leaving the 2010 Winter Olympic host city of Vancouver for sunny San Diego. We caught up with her again in the beginning of May during her last week at LSI San Diego. We were curious how she enjoyed her multi-center experience:

LSI San Diego students on Multi centre course“At first I wanted to go to Vancouver because of the Olympics, but actually I like to stay in hot weather and I wanted to live in California so that is why I decided to move to California after Vancouver. It was a nice decision because I could feel the atmosphere of two countries and compare the two countries. I liked that the student makeup of each school was different. It was very interesting for me to meet people from so many different countries.”

Kayo explained her reasons for learning English:
“I’d like to study at university using my English. I want to study sports management which is why I went to the Olympic city of Vancouver. I am going to study in the UK since London is hosting the next Olympics in 2012.”

From what Kayo was saying it seems we may be seeing her sometime soon at one of our London schools, LSI London Central or LSI London Hampstead.

Movie making at LSI San Diego

Friday, May 7th, 2010

At LSI we recognise that there are many ways in  which our students can learn and practice newly acquired language skills. We have always adopted many different techniques that often challenge students both inside and outside the classroom and encourage great team work. One recent example of this innovative teaching methodology occurred at our LSI San Diego school.

Teacher Jovana Poduje gave her Upper Intermediate class a unique opportunity to write and perform their own movie!  They spent time in the classroom writing their film, A Random Act of Kindness, which showed an old woman being helped by a stranger.

Jovana’s friend, film maker Elizabeth Spitsbergen, volunteered to help them out.  Here you can see the class on a Saturday afternoon while Elizabeth films them. All the students claimed that they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again.

A Big Thank You to LSI San Diego

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

All of LSI San Diego is very sad to say good-bye to our wonderful long term student Bandar from Saudi Arabia whose last day will be this Friday. Bandar has been studying English here since last July! When he was asked about what he will miss from our school it was easy for him to find his answer:

“The teachers. All the staff is very good – especially the teachers. LSI is a very good school. They are very flexible. They helped me with many many things. A big thank you to everyone at LSI San Diego”

It is always sad for us to say good-bye to students. But we always hold out hope that they will be back soon!