English UK invites LSI teacher to speak at Annual Conference

James Munday, Director of Studies at LSI Brighton

James Munday, Director of Studies at LSI Brighton

English UK, the prestigious national association of accredited English language centres, has invited James Munday, the Director of Studies at LSI Brighton, to present a talk and workshop at their annual conference in London this November. Although more accustomed to the less daunting environment of the classroom, James has nonetheless presented workshops and seminars for various institutions during his teaching career, and relishes the opportunity.

“It is a real privilege to be invited to speak at such an event. Teachers come to this conference from all over the UK and it will certainly raise the profile of LSI, speaking volumes for the academic excellence we endeavour to develop here. Developing motivation in the classroom is not an easy challenge for teachers and students to meet, but I hope that by sharing some of the tips I have researched over the years everyone can leave the conference with something positive and useful”.


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