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Former Student Joins the LSI Vancouver Team

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Vancouver students with Vancouver in background“As a former student and now the summer activities coordinator at LSI Vancouver, I am in a great position to come up with  fun activities for after school,” states Dalibor Vartovnik, the newest member of the LSI Vancouver team. “Vancouver is known as an active city with plenty of opportunities to enjoy free time outside. For example, last week I took our students to explore the beauty of Stanley Park, the largest urban park in not just Canada but North America. It takes just about 20 minutes on foot to reach this amazing place, which should be the envy of every other city. We rented bikes and had an astonishing ride around the seawall. The many attractions such as Siwash Rock, Lost Lagoon, Lions Gate Bridge and the Totem Poles make Stanley Park the best place for relaxing and recharging yours batteries after a long day of studying.”

LSI Vancouver students on beach“If I haven’t convinced you yet what about kayaking in Deep Cove, hiking in Grouse Mountain, swimming in the ocean or playing volleyball on the beach. All these activities keep our students in good shape and eager to study English here at LSI Vancouver. Summer is the best season in Vancouver and all us here at LSI Vancouver welcome anyone who wants to share joy and broaden his/her English. At LSI Vancouver you will never be bored!”

LSI Berkeley Students’ Cultural Exchange with High School Students

Friday, June 5th, 2009

brazilians-and-judoThe Berkeley High School Judo Program and LSI, with the help of  Brazilian Senseis Newton Casemiro,  American Dan Augustine,  found a very nice way to teach and learn about  American, Brazilian and Japanese cultures.

LSI  Berkeley students participated in judo lessons and taught American high school students about Brazilian disco dancing and typical food, as well as Japanese origami, sushi and many other interesting cultural activities. It was a great experience for both our LSI students and Berkeley High School.

LSI New York – Taking the Classroom into the City

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

At Languages Studies International we like to encourage all our students to take an active role in the many aspects of  life at LSI. This includes welcome contributions to our blog pages. Read below student Nik Vogt’s account of what he learnt on a recent trip with LSI New York.

Our reporter - Niklas Vogt

Our reporter - Niklas Vogt

“Last Friday we took a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens. It was very interesting because I had never seen that before. In the museum you can see how they produced the first movies. You can see many cameras and other very cool artifacts. It was really nice to see that. Another very interesting thing that you can see is how they produced the first movies and how the producers were able to get the pictures in motion. You can learn how they worked behind the screen and it is also possible to have some interactive experience because it is possible to create stop-motion-animation or edit the sound effects on some movies. I think that helps to understand the work of the producers.

Another important point is that you can see the first political campaigns.In the 1950s television emerged as a mass media, so the presidential candidates began to sell themselves on TV. It was very interesting to see which kind of sentences they used. In fact they very often used phrases or short fragments like “I have a dream that one day” which people will remember. You can see that the political candidates also do the same today.

I think it was a very nice trip and I hope we can do something like that again!”

End of Year Celebration at LSI New York

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

On Friday, December 19, LSI New York held its annual end-of-year holiday celebration. The classes spent the last week of school preparing and practicing for their holiday presentations; then on Friday, all the students and teachers gathered in the conference hall and each class performed for their fellow schoolmates. Some of the classes prepared holiday poems and traditional Christmas songs, while others wrote and presented skits.

One skit offered a funny –and fairly accurate!—picture of daily life here at LSI New York, including sleepy LSI students on the crowded NY subway, fire-drill alarms going off in the middle of class and students trying to get out of doing homework! Our advanced class presented a clever skit that dealt with international stereo types, the action taking place at the airport where visitors from abroad were confronted with two unsavory customs officers. The homemade costumes were a big hit, particularly the adorable reindeers! Kudos to all our students and wonderful teachers who put a lot of thought and hard work into this special event. The morning ended with –what else!—delicious New York pizza. Phone numbers were exchanged and adieus were bid, and thus began the two-week winter holiday here at LSI New York!

LSI Paris Halloween – Fête d’Halloween

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

LSI Paris – Halloween festivities at LSI Paris turned the Paris language school into a haunted mansion with ghosts, cats, devils and pirates living the spirit of Halloween the Paris way.  João from Brazil who lives in the U.S. and has been preparing for the TEF exam at LSI Paris, dressed as an evil pirate of the Caribbean, was thrilled by the party: “It’s as much fun as the Halloween parties in the U.S., only that French food adds the French ‘savoir vivre’ spirit to a great occasion to party”. Christian from Germany stated: “It’s great to be with students and teachers also outside the classroom and make great friends!”

Santa comes early to LSI Vancouver…

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

At one of our  language schools in Canada our students tried to be good all week in anticipation of our holiday party on Friday December 12th, hoping Santa would stop by for visit. Luckily he did not disappoint! He came by LSI Vancouver while students were enjoying a delicious international potluck lunch provided by students and staff. The front room of the school was transformed into an impromptu cafeteria and everyone enjoyed a huge variety of food from around the world, including guacamole, sushi, salad and chili. There were also two tables full of desserts including traditional Swiss chocolates and very Canadian Nanaimo bars!

When Santa came by he brought candy canes, chocolates and lots of hugs for everyone. After lunch was finished teachers Steve and Cris pulled out their guitars and everyone joined in with them to sing traditional holiday songs. We were even treated to a version of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer in Korean and beautiful Spanish and German versions of Silent Night. The day was bittersweet though as our Cambridge exam preparation course had just finished that week and many students returned to their home countries the following weekend. However a great time was had by all and everyone appreciated the opportunity to enjoy a meal and celebrate the holidays together – and to meet Santa!

Mister and Miss LSI Paris Pageant

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
LSI Paris – in a major event at LSI Paris Mister and Miss LSI Paris have been elected. Both winners, Mitsu and Yoko from Japan have been thrilled to have won the election.  Mitsu, who has returned to LSI Paris this January to continue his French studies and prepare for the TEF language exam stated: “I would have never thought to be so famous at LSI Paris!” A fellow student of  kew exactly why she voted for Mitsu: “He is always really helpful. I sometimes struggle with the French-only policy at LSI Paris and he is always there to help. We study together in class, join LSI activities together and spend a lot of time enjoying the French culture and all there is to discover in Paris”.

Santa Claus Celebration at LSI Zurich

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Santa Claus, i.e. “Samichlaus” visits Swiss children on December 6 every year, and managed to stop by LSI Zurich this morning for the legendary Santa Claus Brunch. 55 students, teachers and school staff enjoyed a traditional Swiss brunch, including traditional Swiss hot chocolate, bread, “Gritibänze”, Croissants and lots of peanuts and mandarins as well as Swiss chocolate. School director Ian Cryer’s daughter was tasked to arrange for contemporary X-mas music, ranging from Girls aloud to Kylie Minogue. LSI Zurich‘s X-mas dinner completes a successful year of student activities ranging from pub crawls to cooking nights and TV studio visits. Stephan Lendi, in charge of coordinating these activities was amazed at students’ contributions to the activities: “A Spanish Merengue dancer visiting the school was offering dance classes as part of the activities, which really got people moving!” LSI Zurich will being their 2009 activities for all German language students with an ‘Eat around the world’ activity, where students bring food from their home culture for a buffet lunch, followed by a challenging visit to the Swiss edition of the TV show “1 versus 100”.

LSI Australia celebrates Melbourne Cup Day

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

In a celebration of grand Australian tradition, LSI celebrated Melbourne Cup day.  The Melbourne Cup is a famous horse race which is noted for its fashions and in particular hats.  It is a great excuse to dress up and our students here at LSI Brisbane and staff made the most of the opportunity.  As you will see from the photos everyone had a great time and we are all looking forward to the next one!

We would just like to thank all involved for making it such an excellent event!

Movie and Games Nights at LSI Toronto

Monday, November 17th, 2008

At all our LSI schools we always aim to provide our students with not only an excellent learning environment but also with opportunities to relax and have fun. In our Canadian schools we frequently run our popular movie and games nights. Students get the chance to play interactive games and watch movies whilst getting to know their fellow classmates. It’s great fun as our students at LSI Toronto can testify to.

Here, one of our students, Javier from Mexico, focuses on making a-hole in-one. After school, students can play our Nintendo Wii as an alternative to real exercise. With so many sports to choose from you’ll ever get bored!

For those students feeling a little less energetic, at LSI Toronto, we organise movie nights once a week in addition to a full weekday social program. Here we have some eager students gathered in front of the big screen to watch “Edward Scissor Hands”.Do you have a movie you’ve been wanting to see? Just ask us, (and provided it’s not obscene), we’ll get the movie for you and play it after class finishes. At LSI Toronto, there are always plenty of cultural and fun things to do at the end of the school day.