A message of solidarity for Ukraine

At LSI we have dedicated ourselves over the last 50 years to cultural exchange across nations. Our international students from around the world have the opportunity to not just learn the language, but to be immersed in the culture that surrounds it. And furthermore, our students benefit from the cultural exchange that happens while studying alongside students from other countries.

We believe that the cultural exchange our students experience promotes understanding between different groups of people, and international education – especially the dialogue that ensues between new friends from other countries, and endures – remains a great way to promote fraternity and ultimately peace.  

At LSI, like everyone else, we have been watching the terrible events in Ukraine following the Russian invasion with shock and profound sadness. We stand with the people of Ukraine. We pray for all the victims that are caught up in this tragedy. We pray for peace and a rapid de-escalation of hostilities. We pray for dialogue between nations.